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We provide innovative and integrated Mine Waste Management and Closure Services to the mining industry worldwide. We offer expertise on the application of geochemistry and unsaturated zone hydrology to closure of tailings and waste rock storage facilities, heap leach piles, and municipal landfills.  View our Statement of Qualifications at the About Us page.

O’Kane Consultants strives to deliver the highest level of service to our clients, and to do so in a manner that is ethically, environmentally, and socially responsible. We endeavor to apply current and innovative technology, while working closely with clients in developing cost effective mine waste management solutions that offer the greatest potential for long-term environmental protection. O’Kane Consultants also assist clients in developing and demonstrating new technology through innovative applied research projects.

O’Kane Consultants is committed to efficient use of our natural resources. Each office features composting and recycling, while employees working from home and those that bike reduce the need to drive. Some of us are even crazy enough to ride our bikes to work during Saskatchewan winters!

Mine Closure Planning

Mine waste rock dumps and cover systems required for closure are by definition unsaturated systems as a result of placing the waste rock on the ground surface. In addition, many tailings management facilities, particularly those in arid and semi-arid climates, have exposed tailings that are also unsaturated.

The traditional application of saturated soil mechanics to the design and construction of waste rock dumps, tailings management facilities, and cover systems will lead to conservative, and hence more costly designs. Utilization of unsaturated zone hydrology reduces the cost of operating, managing, and closing mine waste storage facilities, while serving as a tool for developing the most promising alternative for long-term environmental protection.

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Featured Project

  • Whistle Mine was an open pit nickel / copper mine near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.
  • The open pit was backfilled with acid-generating waste rock during decommissioning in 2001.
  • O'Kane Consultants was commissioned to design a cover system to limit acid rock drainage from the backfilled pit.
  • VADOSE/W modelling was applied to select a dry cover system that will reduce ingress of atmospheric oxygen and meteoric water as well as provide a medium for growth of native plant species.
  • The multi-layer dry cover system, constructed in 2004/2005, is performing to expectations.

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