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Giving Back

May 5, 2016: We’re sure we’ve all been shocked and amazed at the tragedy unfolding in the Ft McMurray area. Since 2003, nine OKC employees and their families have lived as residents of Ft Mac; four of them are currently displaced, and one is known to have lost their home. We are thankful that all our Ft Mac employees are safe.

Nearly every Canadian employee has spent time in Ft Mac, and many of us obtained advanced degrees through Oil Sands thesis projects. We’ve worked with numerous colleagues – clients, academics, and consultants – helping to identify, investigate and provide solutions to Oil Sands reclamation and operational issues. We have pioneered or perfected much of our expertise in the Oil Sands: unsaturated flow modeling, material evolution, sulfur geochemistry and contaminant transport, tailings settlement, watershed reclamation, and all monitoring techniques and equipment under the sun. More than any other sector, OKC is the company it is because of the projects and colleagues of the Oil Sands.

With all of this in mind, OKC has decided to contribute to the charity effort to help the Ft Mac community. OKC has a record of serving others; this has been focused to date through fundraising for and active participation with Rainbow of Hope for Children and Habitat for Humanity. The fundraising efforts have contributed a current surplus of non-operational charity funds, maintained in a separate bank account, OKC Charities. OKC is using a portion of these charity funds and directing them to the Ft McMurray relief effort. OKC is proud to announce that we have donated $5,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to support the emergency response to the Ft Mac fires. Our thoughts remain with the evacuated of Northern Alberta, and hope for a speedy return to Ft Mac.

Habitat for Humanity, Rainbow of Hope for Children, and More!

Each year since 2012 volunteers from O’Kane Consultants have helped to build a home with Habitat for Humanity in El Salvador and to raise money for Rainbow of Hope for Children‘s projects in the country. Our most recent build was completed in February 2015 in the Ahuachapán Department. Check out their posts on Facebook, and this August 2016 update showing our friends in their new home!  OKC employees also contribute directly to Rainbow of Hope and Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad‘s youth scholarship program.  Let the students tell you what this support means to them!

Philippe Garneau participated in Mystery Box Rally 2017, a 2,500 km road trip in an unknown location in central Australia on November 25-29, 2017. The event raised over $700,000 for the Cancer Council.

Rob Shurniak ran the Victoria Marathon on October 9, 2016 and raised $1000 for OKC charities.

On October 29, 2015 OKC hosted a fundraiser in Calgary, Alberta and raised approximately $6,000 for Habitat for Humanity and Rainbow of Hope for Children! Thanks to those who attended and/or donated, and to our corporate sponsors:

Much thanks also to those who donated wonderful prizes for our raffle draws:

Robert Shurniak and Mark Phillip raised $864 for Habitat for Humanity and Rainbow of Hope for Children by running in the GoodLife Fitness Victoria 8K Road Race on October 11, 2015.

OKC with the Salvadoran masons and host family, Habitat for Humanity build, February 2015

















OKC is a proud supporter of the 2015 Theatre in the Park, Sum Theatre’s free live professional outdoor theatre in Saskatoon.

OKC Brisbane, also called The Lightning Possums, raised $3,410 for Oxfam by participating in the Oxfam Trailwalker race on June 19-21, 2015!

Our fourth annual fundraiser was held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on December 11, 2014 and raised $27,500. Thanks to everyone who attended and donated prizes! The money raised will pay the 2015 salaries and bonuses of two gardeners at the El Sauce School’s organic garden, where children learn to grow their own food, and the remainder donated to Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon and Habitat Global Village.

Habitat for Humanity build and El Sauce School garden 2014




















On October 16, 2014 we had a fundraiser in Calgary at Galla Bistro & Winehouse. Read about it here! Thanks to everyone who attended and to our corporate sponsors:


Rob Shurniak raised $1,454 for Habitat for Humanity and Rainbow of Hope for Children by competing in the Victoria Marathon on October 12, 2014.

During the third annual Habitat for Humanity build on February 14-23, 2014, twelve OKC employees helped to build a house in San Antonio del Monte and visited the COMUS Organic Coffee Project and the organic garden at the El Sauce School in Sonsonate.  Check out our Facebook group for photos from our builds and an article about our trip in the Rainbow of Hope for Children newsletter!

OKC volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, San Antonio del Monte, El Salvador, February 2014
















OKC Habitat for Humanity build in Ataco, El Salvador, February 2013














OKC volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, Sonsonate, El Salvador, March 2012