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June 25-30, 2017
Lappeenranta, Finland

Presenters from OKC

Steven Pearce
Principal Environmental Geoscientist
Dave Christensen
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
OKC Saskatoon

Presentations with OKC

Date and Location Presentation
Tue June 27
Session 2.3
Forecasting long term water quality after closure: Boliden Aitik Cu mine, Sweden
Dave Christensen (O'Kane Consultants Inc., Canada)
Tue June 27
Session 4.4
Downstream Geochemistry And Proposed Treatment – Bellvue Mine AMD, New Zealand
Dave Trumm (CRL Energy Limited, New Zealand), James Pope (CRL Energy Limited, New Zealand), Rae West (Taranaki Regional Council), Paul Weber (O'Kane Consultants (NZ) Ltd.)
Tue June 27
Session 3.4
Gas Flux Rates and the Linkage with Predicting AMD Loads in Waste Rock Dumps, and Designing Practical Engineered Solutions – Field Based Case Studies in Three Distinct Climates
Steven Pearce (O'Kane Consultants UK) and Mitchell Barteaux (O'Kane Consultants Inc., Canada)
Tue June 27
Session 3.4
Progressive Management of AMD Risk During Construction of an Integrated Waste Storage Landform – A Case Study of Managing Gas Flux Through Optimised Waste Placement Strategies at Martabe Gold Mine, Indonesia
Steven Pearce (O'Kane Consultants UK), Mitchell Barteaux (O'Kane Consultants Inc., Canada), and Matthew Orr, Candra Nugraha, Henny Purnamasari, Ken Grohs, and Janjan Hertrijana (Agincourt Resources, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)
Thu June 29
Session 8.2
Enhancing Mine Drainage Treatment by Sulphate Reducing Bacteria Using Nutrient Additives
Hana Kirsten Christensen (CRL Energy Ltd.), Paul Weber (O'Kane Consultants (NZ) Ltd.), James Pope (CRL Energy Ltd.), Dave Trumm (CRL Energy Ltd.), William Olds (O'Kane Consultants (NZ) Ltd.)