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Data Management

Data collected from site characterization and field performance monitoring is used to:

1)  Evaluate the performance of cover systems;
2)  Meet regulatory requirements for monitoring and demonstration of mine closure and reclamation;
3)  Calibrate and refine existing models to predict long-term cover system performance;
4)  Improve mine closure and mine waste cover design methodology; and
5)  Add to the body of knowledge of unsaturated zone hydrology, geotechnical engineering, geochemistry, and climate modelling.

Clients trust O’Kane Consultants to manage the large volumes of data generated from cover system monitoring. Data collection, review, quality control, and reporting are conducted on a routine basis. O’Kane Consultants is currently working with ProjectLine Solutions Inc. to develop a centralized database for data storage, processing and reporting using emLine software, which will further improve efficiency while allowing clients web-based access to their data.

Monitoring data and documentation are readily accessible to clients on-line using emLine data management software and SharePoint platform.