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Support Services

O’Kane Consultants Inc. are authorized distributors for:

O’Kane Consultants is qualified to install all equipment supplied by these companies, as well as provide the necessary technical support following installation. O’Kane Consultants became distributors for these companies because of previous successful installations and a continuing desire to offer the optimum performance monitoring option to clients.

Campbell Scientific datalogging components.Campbell Scientific is recognized as a world leading supplier of robust and versatile field performance monitoring systems. They manufacture and supply sensors to monitor meteorological conditions, surface water flow and quality, and in situ pressure (saturated-unsaturated), temperature, and moisture conditions. In addition, Campbell Scientific supplies a wide range of data acquisition equipment, such as remote power supply systems, dataloggers, multiplexers, and remote data collection peripherals, which are capable of operating in extreme climatic regimes.

Sentek exports approximately 70% of its products to markets in North America, South America, Europe and South Africa. Sentek’s products are used to monitor and manage water and its use and movement in a variety of market segments, which include agriculture, mining, turf, wastewater, and environmental applications. Sentek’s current product range includes the EnviroSCAN system and the Diviner 2000.

Sentek's EnviroSCAN probe.EnviroSCAN is a system that continuously monitors moisture in a waste or soil profile. The EnviroSCAN system consists of probes housed in access tubes that are installed into the profile. The probe can accommodate up to 16 sensors to provide moisture monitoring at multiple depths. The sensors continually monitor in situ moisture conditions and data is stored on the Sentek logger. Data can be collected using radio telemetry, cellular communication, landlines, in-field laptop communication, or desktop office communication.

Sentek's Diviner 2000 datalogger and probe.The Diviner 2000, which utilizes the same core technology as the EnviroSCAN, is a stand-alone portable, less expensive unit, comprising one sensor on a shaft with an automatic depth sensor. The probe is inserted into pre-installed access tubes and provides an immediate profile of soil moisture as a function of depth. The probe is connected to a hand-held display unit, which gives the operator graphical displays of the data, as well as storage of multiple sets of readings. The display unit can be connected to a desktop or laptop computer to download the data.


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