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Health and Safety

O’Kane Consultants – Health and Safety Charter            

O’Kane Consultants is committed to provide a work environment where the personal health and safety of every employee is of primary importance. O’Kane Consultants believe the prevention of occupationally induced injuries or illnesses is of such consequence that it will be given priority over all else.

O’Kane Safety Culture Belief System

  • Integrate health and safety into everyday job tasks and to create a safe and healthy workplace
  • Ensure our employees at every level within the organization, including management, share in the direct responsibility of the health and safety of themselves and other workers
  • Foster a culture that will have the complete and active participation of every employee, every day and every job we do to attain the safety excellence needed for the prevention of all workplace incidents and injuries
  • Make the health and safety of every employee paramount in everything we do
  • Ensure all occupational risks are properly identified and controlled
  • Continually monitor and improve the corporate health and safety program to ensure the highest standard is achieved to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees
  • Provide all our employees with the required tools, training, and resources needed in order to perform their work safely and competently
  • Supply our employees with approved personal protective equipment, ensure that it is properly used and maintained and is available at the worksite prior to the start of work
  • Monitor and review all safety performance indicators, observe and evaluate all employees work behaviours and communicate all findings to our employees
  • Meet or exceed all federal, provincial (or state), and local health, safety, and environmental regulations and adhere to all generally accepted good industry practices
  • Make safe work behaviours a condition of employment

Health and Safety Management System

O’Kane Consultants Health and Safety Management System was developed and is maintained to ensure the highest quality of compliance to meet or exceed all regulatory and client based requirements. The foundation of the Health and Safety Management System is based on two main pillars: Management Commitment and Corporate Safety Culture. All O’Kane employees use the corporate safety slogan – “Work Smart…Live Well…Be Safe” as their true belief system that will guide them to safety and personal excellence.

Health and Safety Management System Key Elements:

Health and Safety Policy: The foundation for the OKC Safety Culture

Workplace Responsibility System: Sets the expectations for every level of employee within the organization with safe behaviours being a condition of employment.

Safety Rules: All safety rules must be adhered to by all O’Kane employees and prime contractors. Following these rules is a condition of employment and all non-compliance incidents will be handled in accordance to the corporate discipline and accountability charter.

Hazard Identification: All Health, Safety, Chemical, Biological and Workplace hazards will be identified and eliminated or mitigated to a safe monitor status before all work commences. Our corporate JSA/JHA, FLRA and Safe Work Plan forms are used to identify apparent and potential hazards within the scope of the tasks we perform before we commence work. Once any hazard has been identified – all employees must follow strictly with the following hazard control hierarchy with Elimination being the highest standard: Eliminate, Substitute, Engineering Controls, Administrative and PPE.

Training and Communication: OKC Management believes having well trained competent employees will ultimately lead to highest standard of safety excellence. Employees must know their rights as a worker and how use the many tools within a safety program to ensure the safety of themselves and their co-workers. This high level of training and the continual communication of health and safety related factors will be achieved by the following initiatives: Orientations, Safety Meetings, Safety Alerts, OKC Health and Safety Management System element sessions,  OH&S Certificate courses, High Risk based training courses (Confined Space, Fall Protection).

Incident Reporting: The timely reporting of all incidents – and more importantly the implementation and follow up of all corrective actions, is critical to build the trust between all levels of the organization. All incidents (Lost Time, Medical Aid, First Aid, Untreated, Near Miss and MVA’s) must be reported immediately to the direct supervisor and depending on the rating from the OKC Risk Matrix – action must be taken within the specified timeframe. OKC Management endorses that all work will cease until all corrective actions are in place to ensure the safety of all workers. OKC employees are encouraged and instructed to report all near miss incidents no matter how minor to their direct supervisor.

Leading Indicators: Safety Meetings, Inspections, JSA’s and Work Observations: These are the most important activities within the OKC Health and Safety Management System that will ensure the continual promotion of safe work behaviours and control the work environment our employees are exposed to.

Drug and Alcohol: OKC Management takes a Zero Tolerance stance with all violations of the OKC D&A Policy. Being fit for duty is a condition of employment. All OKC safety sensitive employees are subject to testing when required by management or the client.

Fatigue Management: Ensuring employees are fit for work and know the hazards associated with fatigue.

Emergency Preparedness and Response: When a situation does occur – OKC employees will have the proper training to help and assist themselves, others, property and the environment.

Environment: Protecting Land, Water, Air and Heritage. Managing waste by the 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover).

Critical Task Based Policies: Confined Space, Ground Disturbance, Fall Protection.