about us

Okane provides an innovative and integrated geotechnical engineering service to the mining industry internationally.  The focus of this work is on the application of unsaturated zone hydrology to closure of mine waste storage facilities, heap leach pads, and municipal landfills.

Okane endeavours to apply current and innovative technology, while working closely with clients in developing cost-effective mine waste management solutions that offer the greatest potential for long-term environmental protection.  We also assist clients in developing and demonstrating new technology through innovative applied research projects.

Mine waste rock dumps and cover systems required for closure are by definition unsaturated systems as a result of placing the waste rock on the ground surface.  In addition, many tailings management facilities, particularly those in arid and semi-arid climates, have exposed tailings that are also unsaturated.  The traditional application of saturated soil mechanics to the design and construction of waste rock dumps, tailings management facilities, and cover systems will lead to conservative and hence more costly designs.  Utilisation of unsaturated zone hydrology reduces the cost of operating, managing, and closing mine waste storage facilities, while serving as a tool for developing the most promising alternative for long-term environmental protection.


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our methodology

Each site and waste storage facility has unique issues and problems. Okane works closely with clients and associates in developing the most cost effective solution to these issues and problems using fundamental and defensible science and technology.

Closure planning requires development of criteria that focuses on the areas of:

  • physical stability;
  • environmental protection (air quality, surface water quality, groundwater quality); and,
  • aesthetics / land use.

In addition, there are physical, chemical, and biological processes that can potentially alter as-constructed performance and result in lack of long-term performance. It is fundamental to the closure plan that these processes are addressed during the design and implementation phases; and monitored to show progression to acceptable environmental performance.

why hire us

We are leading experts in mine waste cover system and final landform design, as well as performance monitoring.

We manage and interpret closure performance monitoring data at over 75 sites around the world with various climatic conditions and materials.

We apply our experience of more than 20 years and diverse set of skills and data to constantly evolve and improve our design methodology for closure of waste storage facilities.