Mine Closure Vision and Stakeholder Engagement

Okane’s Services:

  • Conceptual closure, reclamation, rehabilitation plans permitting
  • Community engagement
  • Returning land use objectives planning
  • Closure success criteria
  • Closure Vision Execution Planning
Mine Closure Vision and Stakeholder Engagement 1

Mine Closure Vision and Stakeholder Engagement

Closure Vision

Achieving a mine’s closure vision can be a complex journey involving multidisciplinary solutions and many stakeholders. One of the greatest challenges mine sites face is translating a closure vision into an actionable execution plan to achieve the returning land use objectives.

The successful implementation of an integrated closure plan is dependent on clear alignment and cross disciplinarity collaboration. Okane makes conscious efforts to form relationships with local community members in the regions where we work. We consult with Indigenous communities to incorporate traditional knowledge into the returning land use vision and closure plans we develop.

Mine Closure Vision and Stakeholder Engagement 3

Stakeholder Engagement

Okane’s experienced facilitators and study directors guide our client and stakeholder teams through the steps required to develop and implement integrated closure plans and associated closure study interdependency schedules.

Mapping the closure vision to an integrated execution plan allows our clients to realize benefits and risk reduction associated with progressive reclamation throughout the operating Life of Mine.

Closure Vision – From Concept to Reality

Whistle Mine backfilled pit dry cover.