Detailed Closure Design and Construction Support
Detailed Mine Closure Design | Okane Consultants 1

Detailed Closure Design and Construction Support

Detailed Mine Closure Design | Okane Consultants 2

Cover System and Landform Design

Our team is experienced in detailed design and construction of cover systems and reclamation landforms. We ensure our designs considered site specific material characteristics and availability, waste handling schedules, and equipment access to optimize for both implementation costs and performance. We develop quality control and assurance programs and can provide onsite support for construction to ensure designs are constructed with desired performance objectives as intended.

Construction Specification and QA/QC

Okane offers concept level and detailed closure designs for the construction of mined landforms, waste storage facilities, and cover systems. Okane’s innovative cover system and landform design approach has been developed by highly skilled and experienced engineers using state of the art numerical models. Our team leverages expert knowledge and sophisticated modelling programs including the GeoStudio suite of software, WEPP, SIBERIA, Deswik, GoldSim to create first-class engineering designs and visualizations.

Detailed Mine Closure Design | Okane Consultants 4

Reclamation and Rehabilitation

Okane develops practical rehabilitation, revegetation, and reclamation solutions across mine domains including waste rock dumps, cover systems, tailings storage facilities, and on other growth substrates. Okane focuses on key components of the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum to inform effective rehabilitation strategies and revegetation plans. Our approach to rehabilitation management, design, implementation, and monitoring provides mine operators with practical and defensible rehabilitation strategies including growth media characteristics and thickness, plant species selection and biodiversity, and implementation methods. Okane also assists clients develop achievable revegetation objectives and monitoring criteria for closure. We provide clients with effective site-specific re-vegetation plans and strategic rehabilitation monitoring to ensure each site’s objectives are met and demonstrated.