Detailed Closure Design and Construction Support
Detailed Mine Closure Design | Okane Consultants 1

Detailed Closure Design and Construction Support

Detailed Mine Closure Design | Okane Consultants 2

Cover System and Landform Design

Our team of experienced engineers and geoscientists design cover systems and reclamation landforms that meet closure objectives, are sustainable, and will meet returning land-use plans far into the future. At Okane, we consider site-specific conditions like climate, available material, topography, and hydrogeography to inform how we design cover systems and landforms. We develop quality control and assurance programs and can provide onsite support for construction to ensure designs are constructed with desired performance objectives as intended. We design and install long term monitoring programs for cover systems and landforms to validate their performance, and to inform adaptive management plans.

Construction Specification and QA/QC

Okane offers concept level and detailed closure designs for the construction of mined landforms, waste storage facilities, and cover systems. Okane’s innovative cover system and landform design approach has been developed by highly skilled and experienced engineers using state of the art numerical models. Our team leverages expert knowledge and sophisticated modelling programs including the GeoStudio suite of software, WEPP, SIBERIA, Deswik, GoldSim to create first-class engineering designs and visualizations.

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Mine Rehabilitation and Reclamation 

Mine rehabilitation is the process of returning mined land to a form and ecological state consistent with pre-mining land use. Mine reclamation is the process of converting the disturbed land to its former state, or other productive use. When developing mine rehabilitation and reclamation plans, we focus on identifying the highest value returning land use. This includes consideration of ecological value and industrial value, as well as the site-specific closure objectives, and the potential effects of climate change on long-term reclamation success.  


Okane develops practical mine rehabilitation, reclamation, and revegetation solutions across mine domains including waste rock/ mine rock stockpiles, tailings storage facilities, and heap leach facilities. Our team of experienced engineers carefully identify soil properties, plant species, and local biodiversity to determine a plan for site-specific revegetation that positively integrates into the surrounding areas. We collaborate with Indigenous communities to blend Traditional knowledge into the revegetation plans and landform designs.  We work closely with our clients to incorporate mine rehabilitation and reclamation plans into every stage of the mine lifecycle to improve closure outcomes and provide long term monitoring of the site to validate the performance of our designs. 

Erosion Modelling and Assessment

New landforms created from mined rock and processed tailings need to be safe, stable, and non-polluting over large timescales—10,000 years or more! 

Every site is different. Rainfall, vegetation, soil type, and the chemical and physical composition of the mined material are just some of the variables that require consideration when modelling erosional forces and how a landform will evolve. 

We use a variety of methods to assess erosion rates and risk levels. These include flume testing, rainfall simulations, field plots, autopsies, and erosion models such as SIBERIA, WEPP, and CAESAR. Creating models that show how a landform evolves helps our clients understand the effects of time and erosion, and allows our team to mitigate potential risks to the surrounding ecosystems.

After characterizing the material to be used in the landform construction and developing an understanding of the local climate, landscape, and peak weather events, Okane’s environmental engineers set to work to develop strategies that minimize the effects of erosion. This may involve different options for slope design, vegetation and root systems, rock armouring, and the presence of drainage systems to direct surface water around and away from the landform. Okane’s landform designs aim to achieve the best outcomes for the natural environment while keeping costs and constructability viable for our clients.