Environmental Geochemistry

Okane’s Services:

  • Acid Metalliferous Drainage (AMD) Management Plans
  • Material Characterization
  • Suboxic Condition Analysis
  • Advanced Customizable Leach Columns (ACLCs)
  • Water Quality and Solute Transport Modelling
  • Laboratory Services and Management
Full Laboratory Services

Environmental Geochemistry

AMD Management

Okane provides environmental and mine site geochemistry solutions throughout the life of the asset. We develop site specific waste rock and acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD) management plans that assist clients manage their AMD risks effectively from early feasibility and permitting stages, through to construction and operations, and into mine closure. Okane’s team of geochemists, geologists and engineers integrate geochemical, geological, and geophysical information, with site specific environmental, physical, social and economic factors to develop tailored waste rock and AMD management plans.

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Geochemical Laboratories

Okane’s environmental geochemistry laboratories were established to provide key information about the physicochemical processes and conditions within waste rock dumps and tailings impoundments. We offer a range of laboratory services including water quality, kinetic and static leach testing. Our advanced customisable leach columns (ACLCs) improve water quality predictions of drainage emanating from mined rock and tailings to assist our clients effectively manage their AMD risks. The ACLCs are housed in our semi-automated labs in both Canada and Australia, where gas flux rates, ambient temperatures, water application, drying, and particle sizing can be closely controlled and monitored to accurately represent predicted site conditions.