Integrated Life of Mine Planning
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Integrated Life of Mine Planning

Integrated Mine Closure Planning

Integrated mine closure planning combines reclamation expertise with strategic mine planning to prevent poor and underfunded closure outcomes. Integrated closure planning helps mine operators incorporate closure directly into the life of mine plan. We take this unique approach to help clients optimize project value throughout the entire mine lifecycle from exploration through to relinquishment, creating a fully integrated life of asset plan. 

Our team of experienced engineers, geoscientists, and mine planners have unique closure planning expertise and we apply it through traditional mine planning tools like block modelling, material movement, and mine scheduling.

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Benefits of Integrated Mine Closure Planning

Integrated mine closure planning brings opportunities and benefits to mine operators that traditional mine closure planning does not. Benefits of integrating closure planning with the life of mine plan can include effective evaluation of all possible closure alternatives. This can help mine operators in identifying the best possible post closure land use. Integrated closure planning also helps identify opportunities for progressive reclamation, and helps reduce closure liability. Further, an integrated approach to mine closure helps realize the full lifecycle value of all assets within the mining lease.


Optimizing Current Life of Mine Plans   

To integrate mine closure plans and optimize current life of mine plans, we take the following approach. We first generate a realistic base case that matches the current life of mine plan. From there, our team identifies any cost and risk drivers. We then identify opportunities to improve the closure plan that addresses cost, risk, and environmental, social, and governance criteria. We conduct detailed value driver tree analyses, and finally, we create an integrated life of mine plan and schedule for our clients. 

Strategic and Tactical Mine Planning and Scheduling

Okane’s team of experienced mine planners assist clients with mine planning for all phases of the mining lifecycle. We partner with clients to deliver innovative mine planning solutions at the strategic level, and can translate this work into the tactical space to help clients achieve maximum net present value (NPV). 

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Strategic Mine Planning

We work with information across the mining and environmental spectrum to develop an understanding of the factors that can affect total project costs, revenues, and net present value. Okane’s mine planners incorporate environmental factors into mine plans to identify strategies that not only optimize cashflow, but also environmental outcomes throughout the mine lifecycle

Our team of multidisciplinary engineers work to identify opportunities to optimize life of mine plans at the strategic level. This includes considerations in areas such as reservice optimization, mine rock and tailings classifications, dump construction, reshaping, and reclamation, and autonomous and electric mining system concepts. 

Tactical Mine Planning 

Okane uses leading mine planning and design software packages to develop short to long term mine designs for both the extraction and waste handling aspects of mining operations. Our planners develop designs and schedules that optimize executable extraction, haulage, and closure activities such as reprofiling by truck, shovel, or dozer push.