Okane has developed the DumpSim assessment tool, based around a semi-quantitative risk assessment approach for integrated assessment of waste rock management alternatives, as well as in situ WR conditions.

This method of assessment allows risk to be assessed on the basis of placement technique and incorporation of closure mitigation solutions, and not just on material properties in isolation.

The analytical component of OKC’s DumpSim assessment tool can be undertaken in 1D, 2D, quasi- 3D (integration of multiple 2D cross-sections), and 3D (integration of user-specified volumes, or space, within GoldSim).

DumpSim considers the following processes:

  • Heat generation in Waste Rock
  • Heat transport in and through the Waste Rock
  • Gas Flux
  • Metal Leaching – Acid Rock Drainage (ML-ARD) load generation
  • Seepage rate
  • Pore-water quality