Advanced Customizable Leach Columns (ACLC)

The Okane Advanced Customizable Leach Columns (ACLCs) have the flexibility to simulate site specific conditions, particularly the inner workings of waste rock storage and tailings management facilities.

By performing analysis on the various materials found at a specific site, the range of material properties and influence of factors such as grain size, geochemistry and permeability, can be directly observed.

The ACLCs have been designed with several key features including:

  • Variable gas flow rate and gas composition control which enables the assessment of degree of oxidation as a function of oxygen supply for cover system designs;
  • O2 and CO2 sensors for estimation of sulfide intrinsic oxidation rate (IOR) ANC reactivity and/or organic carbon oxidation rate;
  • Matric potential sensors to assess the water and temperature conditions within the column; and
  • Leachate collection system to measure leachate quality with time.

To complement the ACLCs, Okane’s dedicated environmental geochemistry facility can also offer clients:

  • Sample receipt and long term storage;
  • Sample preparation including drying, splitting, crushing and pulverising;
  • Geological logging;
  • Total metals by field portable XRF;
  • Paste pH/EC, NAG, ANC and ABCC;
  • Shake flask and leachate extractions;
  • Free draining AMIRA leach column testing;
  • Flexibility to accommodate R&D projects and adapt to client specific testing.
Okane Leach Columns