Okane provides a comprehensive integrated service for mine waste characterization and geochemistry across all operations.

The Perth office includes a customized geochemistry laboratory that has been installed and designed specifically for geochemical analysis procedures for acid and metalliferous drainage.

Geochemistry 1

environmental geochemistry lab

Okane’s environmental geochemistry laboratory was established to provide key information about the physicochemical processes and conditions within waste rock storage facilities and tailings impoundments.

By integrating geochemical, geological, and geophysical information for site specific materials and conditions, Okane believe that a more holistic and realistic conceptual model can be created to identify, and then plan for, environmental effects of waste material storage.

Okane’s dedicated environmental geochemistry laboratory can offer clients:

  • Sample receipt and long-term storage;
  • Sample preparation; including drying, splitting, crushing, and pulverising;
  • Geological logging;
  • Total metals by field portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF);
  • Paste pH / electrical conductivity (EC), net acid generation (NAG), acid neutralization capacity (ANC), and acid buffering characteristic curve (ABCC);
  • Shake flask and leachate extractions;
  • Free draining AMIRA leach column testing;
  • Okane Advanced Customisable Leach Columns (ACLCs) for long term analysis of site-specific conditions; and,
  • Flexibility to accommodate R&D projects.

Why Choose Okane?

Okane approaches testing and analysis from first principles and takes the view that getting testing and analysis right is fundamental to project success.

Okane advocates the following approach to test work:

  • Use of in-house materials management, storage and processing facilities for any samples.
  • Use of in-house laboratory for select targeted investigations.
  • Use of portable XRF technology for the rapid acquisition of a suite of geochemical data, providing quantitative analyses of elements of interest.

Approach To Integrated Mine Site Geochemistry

Okane provides mine site geochemistry assessments for the complete life of mine spectrum. A holistic approach to mine site geochemistry and practical solutions that can be integrated into operational activities are key deliverables provided by Okane.

A holistic approach to mine site geochemistry and practical solutions, delivering very attractive cost benefit outcomes

Examples of integrated services include:

  • development of waste rock and acid metalliferous drainage (AMD) management plans;
  • integration of acid base accounting (ABA) and kinetic column leach testing into life of mine plans;
  • three dimensional waste block modelling and construction of the mine schedule of waste rock;
  • advective and diffusive gas fluxes into structures (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide);
  • geochemical laboratory services;
  • forensic assessment of historic waste rock dumps and tailings storage facilities (TSFs);
  • rehabilitation geochemistry;
  • derivation of long-term acid loads based on geochemistry coupled with gas flux;
  • design of operational and post closure treatment strategies for AMD impacted waters (active and passive);
  • geochemical numerical modelling;
  • closure planning based on geochemical and geotechnical modelling;
  • stakeholder engagement and consultation;
  • development of conceptual mine site geochemical models based on water quality and mine rock geochemistry;
  • interpretation of the source and fate of aqueous heavy metals, metalloids, and radionuclides;
  • geotechnical and hydrogeological characterization of aquitards using in situ methods;
  • aqueous geochemistry;
  • local and regional groundwater instrumentation and monitoring; and,
  • groundwater numerical modeling.