Tailings, Waste Rock and Water Management

Tailings, Waste Rock and Water Management 1

Okane’s Services:

  • Waste Rock Characterization and Management Plans
  • Waste Rock Storage Facility Internal Conditions
  • Climate and Water Balance Modeling
  • Surface Water Management
  • Tailings Characterization and Management Plans

Tailings, Waste Rock and Water Management

Mined Rock, Tailings and Water Management

Management of mine waste and water is a constant challenge for mining operations. Okane specialises in mined rock management; delivering mine waste management plans and engineered mined rock landforms that effectively manage the risk of acid metalliferous drainage (AMD) while achieving erosional and geotechnical stability. We design waste storage facilities with stability and water management as priority design factors. Our designs integrate mine plan volumes, schedules, and geology for strategic placement of mine waste during operations to manage AMD risk so that reliance on a final cover system is not the only mitigation. Okane collaborates with our clients to ensure that our waste storage facilities are practical, and limit long term liabilities associated with AMD.

Tailings, Waste Rock and Water Management 3

Okane takes a comprehensive near-term and future-vision approach to tailing storage facility closure design and management. Through specialized instrumentation, modelling capabilities and expert knowledge of the unsaturated zone, we develop comprehensive understanding of tailing storage facility dewatering mechanisms and behaviour. Our geochemical experts investigate water quality associated with tailings seepage to assist clients achieve regulatory obligations. Okane’s integrated approach to waste management is demonstrated though our experience managing transitions from filtration ponds to dry stack tailing storage facilities, and through the design of co-disposal (filtered tailings and waste rock) facilities.

Okane has extensive experience designing site-specific water management plans for waste storage facilities and the site as a whole. Our designs incorporate predictive climate conditions into water balance models. Our advanced models integrate detailed drain down design with the overall landform and site-specific hydrology and hydrogeology. We leverage site assets like pit lakes or saturated rock fills to blend engineered reclamation structures and passive water treatment solutions into the surrounding environment, increasing aesthetic appeal, stakeholder approval, and minimizing the requirement for onsite treatment and maintenance.